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Honor Flight For Vets

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I guess while I am going down that memory lane have to visit all the mishaps that happen to me also.

  1. How about trying to exit the back of the boat on the ramp and getting pants caught on the back cleat and flipping me upside down and holding me by the rip in my pants. I stayed like that for at least 15 minutes, until I could work myself back around to where I could pull myself back up to unhook my pants. Boy glad I did not try and jump off the boat could just see me smacking the trailer with my face. That would have made it to funny video for sure and too bad no one was standing around to see that, they still would be laughing.
  2. How about bending over to pin down my rods on the back of the boat as we were just about to leave a spot when my fishing buddy cranked the big motor and turned the boat and started to pull off before I was down in the seat next to the driver and needless to say over the side I went. The driver turned in the seat and grabbed me when I came up by my belt and I was yelling "SHUT THE MOTOR OFF" all I could think was getting sucked under the boat and have the big motor making ground beef out of me. Got me back in the boat soaked to the bone and it was colder than cold and I had a ton of cloths on, and yes I am a firm believer that I always wear my life jacket no matter if the big motor is running or not.
  3. Same Day back at the ramp when we got the boat back on the trailer, the owner told me to wait and he would help me out seeing he has put a coating on the boat that would make it look brand new and also very slick when wet. Anyone that knows me know I can not stand for anyone to help me so I started over the side myself and did a 360 before landing hard on the concrete. My buddy came around to see if I was O.K. I said fine fine. I did not tell him then, but later I told him that I broke three ribs on that fall.
  4. When I first got my Bass Boat I got my Father and we went to Pick Wick Lake to Break the Boat in. We had just put the boat in when my Father ask me if it was normal for the boat to keep blasting water out the side? Was not sure so I took it back to ramp to find out forgot to put the plug in. Back on the lake for the break in and at the end, we were headed back to the ramp and loaded the boat back on the trailer. When I leaned over the trolling motor to hook the bow hook, I hit the on button on the trolling motor and let me tell you... those blades are sharp! My thumb and the top of my left hand got sliced open and blood went everywhere. This is where I learned to always carry a FIRST AID KIT. I knew this was going to take stitches when I get to Memphis. Ended up wrapping it in paper towels and my Dad was about to have a fit seeing one of his kids hurt, and I kept telling him I was alright. Also taught me to unplug the trolling motor before I do anything around the motor.


All said and done, not one hook in the face or other body parts. Now that is not counting donating rods, lures, coffee mugs, glasses, hats and of course I let the fish borrow my phone to make any calls number of times. AT&T thought I was nuts every time I went in for a new phone.

I guess the last and saddest memory is the day I sold my Boat and watched it leave my drive way for the last time. It was like a part of my life was leaving at the same time that I will never be able to replace. But no one will be able to take away my memories, that I will be able to hold till my last days.



Steve McGoldrick 

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