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Bass Night Fishing


Bass Night Fishing as you can see below is a great time to land that elusive Bass Hog but the most important thing to remember is safety.



 Bass Night Fishing

  Steve McGoldrick  Quin Rowell

Night fishing in August 2010 at its best. Even with the heat Basshogfishing can still catch them from the back seat.

These fish were caught by Basshogfishing and Quin Rowell at Enid Lake.

This just goes to show you can still beat the heat by fishing at night and ...who knows might get this lucky.

All the fish here were caught using the famous Bass Pro Ring Worm (June Bug) with the water temp 88 degrees to 92 degrees in about 13 feet of water.

Texas Rig seemed to do the trick but the bites came late at night.

All the fish were right at 4 pounds each.


Safety Recommendations:


Do not forget the cell phone and the article I wrote telling you to let someone know where you are going and what time you should return If you are going to be later than the agreed upon time, call and let the person worrying about you know.


More than likely you will be the only one on the lake so if something happens you are on your own.


My number one rule is life jackets must be worn at all times; I also have a cushion with a rope tied on to it to throw just in case.



Suspenders that fit like a vest and are very comfortable to wear are available to buy. In fact, I have finished the night fishing and was putting the boat on the trailer and my buddy told me I could take off my life jacket now that I was no longer in the water. I forgot I had it on.


bass night fishing equipmentI like the ones that are off the neck they will keep you cooler on those hot muggy nights. They have different models where if you fall into the water they will inflate on their own or they have a rip cord; either way it will save your life.


Number two rule is to keep the deck clear at all times. You do not need a lot of things lying about that will either get kicked over the side or trip you possibly sending you head first into the water.


The landing net is positioned at the driver’s seat as a midway point. My partner and I both know where it is when the time comes to use it.


I like to keep no more than the rod I am using or one in hot standby; tackle is done before it ever gets dark. I tie on my worm that they tore up last time, and a Midnight Special (Spinner Bait) on the other.


I have a 3 million candle power flash light usually on the seat next to the driver’s seat to use for Bass Night Fishing.



Marking Your Route Across The Lake:


O.K. we are set to head out across the lake. I like to do this before it gets dark so I know what is around me before it gets too dark that I can't see.


If you have a GPS, mark your route so you will know how to get Back. If not, look around and see if there are street lights; they usually have them at the launch ramp to assist you when you pull the boat back out of the water.


What I also like is a light on my hat; they came out with cat eyes that has four or five lights across and will light up anything you have to do in the boat.


My running lights are on and batteries charged, turn on the depth finder and proceed to your spot. You don't have to run at full power you got all night take your time and enjoy the sunset. That is funny I see guys come shooting out of a cove they just launched not caring who or what maybe coming down the lake.


This is a serious problem that happens every summer. You will see it again in 2008; someone will come out of a cove doing 90 to nothing and plow into another boat that was just taking their time coming down the lake.


I know for a fact it happens. My cousin, she was killed at Pickwick Lake doing just that.


Keep a close eye on the Depth Finder for any changes in water depth; you do not want to hit a Sand Bar. The boat will stop real fast, but I can't say that for you, what about a tree or stump? Take your time and it will be a rewarding night for you.




Why Bass Night Fishing?


To me, Night Fishing is the most enjoyable fishing trip that you can take. It is so nice and quite; it’s not too hot. It’s just you and Mother Nature.


A lot of folks think the bugs are bad at night, but in fact most of your bugs that everyone talks about are along the bank in the weeds. I am not saying you won’t encounter a few but after dark but they seem to disappear for the most part.


I have my favorite spots that produce some awful big hogs and folks ask me why at night?


I am a firm believer the big fish come out at dark and are in search for a meal. The little fish have been out all day and with the water skiing and jet skis all gone to bed; it is the perfect time for the hogs to come out and eat until dawn.


 Bass Night Fishing - Good Reason To Plan A Night Fishing Trip


September 5, 2010

Another great night at Enid Lake Mississippi, showing the big fish do come out after dark to feed.

My fishing partner, Quin Rowell, caught this 4 pound fish using a Bass Pro Ring worm with the water
temp about 85 degrees and the air temp 70 degrees.

With the cool nights that we have been getting, the lakes are starting to wake up with fish trying to get as much food in before the real cool weather sets in.

Friendly reminder :the smaller lakes will see more activity before the larger lakes do so it is time to get out and see if you can catch that fish of a life time.

 Steve McGoldrick



Watching the full moon phase that I have talked about in other articles is important and if you missed it, go back and read it. This has proven to me to be a factor every time I go, along with a possible front coming in.


That brings another subject up; the weather. If it is bad, don't attempt it. I have made a two and half hour drive and wound up sitting on the launch ramp watching one of the best lightening storms ever.


I do not want to be a lightening rod out on the lake; not to mention the wind and fighting the boat all night. That makes for a bad night of fishing when I spend most of my time trying to keep the boat straight.


That night we sat there for 2 hours hoping that it would blow over and as it turned out, we drove back home not even wetting a hook. I will not put myself or anybody with me in danger.




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