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About Steve McGoldrick


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Hello Neighbor,


I’m glad you’ve stopped by to learn more about me and my passion for bass hog fishing and fishing in general. It is good to see you also enjoy the sport of fishing.


My love for fishing especially the fun action of chasing the bass hog was introduced to me at the age of 6 years old by tagging along with my grandfather. Over 40 years have passed since those treasured memories were made and I'm still out pursuing what I love to do at every available opportunity.

It doesn't matter if it is spring, summer, fall or winter; you'll find me on the lake getting a hook wet.

Being a dedicated angler who lives to get out on the water to pursue the bass hog, slab crappie and monster catfish, I feel it is very important for anglers around the world to share and introduce the sport of fishing to the younger generation. It will help the youngster grow as a person and help to keep the sport of fishing vibrant and growing for generations to come.

More importantly, just one fishing trip in a boat may give the youngster a positive productive outlook on life, make the youngster a good steward of the land and finally, may create an angler for a lifetime


It is reward enough to see a youngster’s true enjoyment and excitement when experiencing a boat ride and catching a fish for the first time.

Remaining active in “Take A Kid Fishing” programs, I've expanded my efforts to start and lead initiatives within the Midsouth fishing community to include senior citizens and physically challenged individuals in enjoying a day on the lake fishing. What better way is there to make them feel like part of the community and enjoying life than to make them part of the fishing community?

Born in Kentucky and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, I've lived here all of my life except for the almost 18 years spent in the United States Navy after I graduated from Bartlett High in 1973.


My 18 years of active duty include 2 years stationed at the Navy Base in Millington, Tennessee, another 15 years were spent doing what the Navy called “Haze Gray Underway” while stationed on the West Coast and my last year of service was spent at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.


Never far from the thought of getting a hook wet even while stationed in California, I found time to fish Lake El Capitan, Lake Hodges, Lake Lower Otay, Lake Miramar and Big Bear in California. At Lake El Capitan, I was the proud holder of the record for the largest bass caught that summer.


At the present time, you’ll find me conducting fishing instruction seminars around the Midsouth and fishing local tournaments held at Pickwick Lake, Sardis Lake, Enid lake and Arkubutla Lake when I'm not sharing my proven fishing knowledge here on


Always living to get on the water, you'll also find me spending time each year pursuing the bass hog on Lake Fork in Texas, Lake Okeechobee in Florida, Kentucky Lake in Kentucky and Table Rock Lake in Missouri.


An advocate of the Catch and Release program when fishing for bass; I encourage all anglers to weigh and measure the bass, take a picture and then release the bass back into the lake to battle another day.


Hobbies include fishing, camping, watching Pro Bull Riding, enjoying the outdoors and taking people fishing. Did I mention fishing?


Being a believer in setting goals in life, I have set goals to teach others to fish, have the best informative fishing website on the internet, stay healthy and purchase a lake cabin to retire at with a Triton Tr21X.


Enjoy the sport of fishing and help protect the environment.


Keep the Hooks Wet!


Steve McGoldrick

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