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Bass Fishing Seasonal Patterns




Spring Time Bass Fishing: 


Spring Time is one season out of the year that you want to bee-line it for the shallows being that the bass are coming out of the deep water after all winter to feed and start making the beds for the female to lay her eggs.


This is one time of year it is a no-brainer where to fish, the shad will be out already and moving along the banks and the Big Bass Hogs know it.


The only draw back is the weather. It changes so much and you must adjust your fishing. I look to see if the wind is blowing and head for that bank. The wind will blow plankton and bait fish right up to the dinner table.


The other is the chance of rain and like my Grandpa use to say "The fish are already wet; they don't care if it is raining" and I know all of you have heard that just after a spring rain the bass bite the best.


It is a simple and true statement for this reason. All of the little bugs and worms are popping out of the ground and the rain washes them into the water. Along with the bait fish that are already present, the bass hogs are ready to get their share of a good meal.


I like to use Spinner Baits and Crank Baits at this time and the time of day and lake conditions will tell you whether to use a Buzz Bait, Frog, Zara Spook, or Top Water Bait.


Buzz Baits, Frogs, and Topwater Bait will come into play as the water reaches 60 degrees early in the morning and late in the afternoon just before sundown. They can be worked around structure, shallow water, piers, under trees over hanging the water and I have even caught some very respectful fish on a bare shoreline. Don't hold fish to one spot as they do what I call patrol an area in search for food. 


Using Top Water Bait in a little chop or ripple on the water has been proven to be a good bait for me; the bass will not be able to see you and before the bass hogs know it, they are caught.


Early in the morning and late in the evening are the best times for top water, however I have been proved wrong many of times by the fish, I think that they throw me a curve every once in  a while.


If you are catching fish in the shallows and the temp starts to drop and it gets cooler, just pull back a little.They are not going far when they know where a meal is nearby.


Check out stumps or any kind of structure in the 8 to 12 foot range.


Springtime is a great time to fish with the females full of eggs your more likely to haul in one of those hogs. After the females lays the eggs, the males guard the nest and you will hear fishing folks say that the fish was locked on the bed.


Well, this male will sit on the nest and not move; sometimes you have to hit him with the lure if you can see him.


A word of warning: If you can see the fish hit, him from the lip to the gill plate, but no further back that will spook him. You might have to work him for awhile until he gets good and mad then eats the bait. I have seen a bass pick my lure up and swim off the bed drop it and return to the bed. You show me a bass locked on the bed and I will show you a easy fish to catch.




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