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Where Do You Throw A Lure?


Another question that has come up frequently is how do you know where to throw your lure?


I get this one at every seminar I do. This is where your practice comes in. Remember where I was talking about learning what the bottom feels like in an earlier article?


Feel the brush and when you stop feeling it drop your tip and let the bait fall. I can tell you every spot that I stop in what is on the bottom. I did not have anyone teach me this technique; I learned it on my own and you will have to do the same.


When you cast your lure, you will have a real good idea where the bank is by sounds and you will be surprised at how much light the moon puts out.


A good practice note here would be go in the back yard and set up maybe a log, tree branches, rocks and cast your lure over it and get the feel.


You want to fish your bait slow when you think you are fishing slow....slow down even more, this is when attractant comes in handy also maybe even a glass rattle inserted in the worm.


Story Time:


I took this guy that had never fished at night before to a lake and all the way there, I was warning him that these big bass will jerk the rod right out of your hands.


We were fishing and I had caught a few. He kept saying that he was not even getting a bite, just hung up. I told him that he was fishing too fast and to slow down. Cast when I cast and do not cast again until I do is what I told to him to do.


He was following my instruction to the tee...and I have to tell you I am a joker at heart. I will do almost anything to get a good laugh...anyway, this guy had walked up behind me and had just casted out in the front and was letting the bait settle. I took my lure and dropped it over his line, which he had not seen and then I jerked for all it was worth.


That guy almost had a heart attack until he found out what just

Happened; he thought he had the next worlds record on his line.


All was forgiven before dawn. He did slow the bait down and we both caught a lot of real nice fish that night. He realized that he was not getting hung up but the fish were just lying still with the bait in their mouth.


The very next time I told him when he thought he was hung to hand me the rod or jerk it real hard and see. I was right; the next cast or the second cast he did what I said and landed a nice 7 pound Bass.


Water Depth To Fish:


Most of the time I try to put my boat in about 14 feet of water or greater. I want to fish at least 12 to 14 feet down; that is where the bass feel the cool water and are very comfortable.


I am not saying that they will still not come to the surface to hit topwater bait. They do see the shadows of the small bait fish and will indeed explode on top for an easy meal.


I do not recommend watching a scary movie before you try night fishing because you will be hearing all the weird sounds and then have an eight pounder explode on your lure might be just a bit much.


Bass Night Fishing Lure Recommendations:


A good black and blue jig is also a very good bait to use. It cast a very good shadow that the fish tend to eat up. I must warn you with the jig and pig or worm if you throw it into a brush pile and need to go get it, break out the bright light and check the brush or tree very carefully. You do not want extra company in the boat like a snake.


I check out the branch real good, and will tell you I once went up to a stump to get my lure off it and did not check the inside of the stump and sure enough there he was just waiting for me to reach in. I guess I made a little extra noise that scared him away so I could get my lure. My partner said that we might as well leave this spot since there would not be any fish in here or the surrounding area for hours after the noise I made.


On the worms, I like the 10 inch grape worm and good luck on finding them. I found mine at a fishing show, and bought all he had. I also like the squirmin ringed worm that I have told you about that Bass Pro Sells.


Those two are my best lures for night fishing, and I use the chartreuse Dip-It with garlic. I dip the tails in it.


You will hear everyone tell you to use a spinner bait that you can cover more water and because of the Colorado blades; it creates enough noise for the bass to come and get it.


I will leave it up to you on which way you want to go with either the soft plastic or the spinner bait.


Using Black Lights And Fluorescent Line For Bass Night Fishing:


The last thing that I guess should be mentioned is they do make black lights that you can run from your boat and if you are using the fluorescent line it will make it easier to see a strike.


The newest black light system for fishing on the market is the Led Nightfishing Night III. It has ten bulbs across the front.


We tried it on my 17 foot boat and found out it takes two to light up the whole side that you are fishing from and part of the bank. I like to have these lights just in case I want to check and see what I hooked before I go sticking my hand in the water.


I bet a lot of you can tell I do not fair to snakes and have been known to give one snake the entire lake if he wants it.


Will be coming back now and then for updates. Stay tuned and add my website to your favorites.



Keep the Hooks Wet!


Steve McGoldrick 
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