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Northern Anglers Have Fun In Memphis



The other day got an email from a guy in PA. It said that he would be making a trip to Memphis with his wife for a horse show at the show place arena, and he might be able to get away for a day of fishing, and do I know anyone that could take him out?

Well, I sent him a name, and was not sure on short notice if I could hook him up with a guide that might be able to get him on some fish.

Jeff Petri emailed me again stating that he would not be able to take a whole day off to fish, but would like advice on a nearby lake to bank fish.

Jeff sent me his cell phone and on Sept. 26th I called him to ensure that he was in Memphis and he was about to receive two surprises in one day.

Not only was he going to meet me, I asked if he could slip off for a few hours to my little honey hole for a few hours of fishing.

I told Jeff I have been fishing there all summer and have not caught any hogs, but I promised him a few bass to pull on his line and I kept my word. Jeff jumped at the chance and ask if he could bring a friend Gary and I said let's go fishing.

I hooked up the boat and made sure the trolling batteries were maxed out then headed to a nearby Lowe's to meet Jeff and Gary.

This is a great way to show the Northern Anglers a little Southern Hospitality and I love to meet my readers.

Jeff and Gary pulled up and proceeded to get their tackle and rods until I stopped them. I explained that all they needed was their rods since I had the lures that they would need.

We got to the lake and put the boat in the water. Jeff told me he was well versed on the trolling motor and I put him on the front and Gary on the back. I was going to sit in the middle and doctor their baits and in no time Gary had the first fish on.

I hope both Jeff and Gary had a blast and I know that I did. I look forward to Jeff and Gary coming back down to Memphis and maybe next time we can get to Pickwick for a couple of days.

The invitation is there guys.

Also have included some pictures of Jeff and Gary catching some fish.


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