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I called everyone to the bed before the knocked me out and told them that this was the last party I was coming to, then everything went black. I woke up the next day and found out they did not replace the hip but put in screws (4) of them, and I ain't talking sheet metal screws. Those things have got to be at least 9 inches long, and to this day I can tell you where each one is in my hip.

Now I'm on recovery from the last hip operation and it is going slow. In fact, it took nine months to get over both operations. I went in for a one year check up. They did more x-rays and found also that I have a disk going out in my back.

I thought what else is going to happen...something you must never say; I found that out the hard way. I have put off the back operation due to the fact that I saw my Dad go through three of them and they told him the next time he will have to decide if he wants to spend the rest of his life on his back or sitting in a wheel chair.

With all this, I still get out and fish my heart out when ever I can, provided I have someone to go with me.

Well, I fished a tournament last year and about three days after it was over, I noticed that my right elbow had like a golf ball on it. I went to the emergency room to get it checked out. They drained it and told me they did not know what that was from, even though it makes my right hand numb.


I still get on the lake and have to cast with both hands to ensure that I do not throw my rod in the water.

Well, the body is falling apart and went in to see about something for my back and was told that my blood pressure is twice what it should be and was told to be looking for either a heart attack or stroke to occur. They told me it was a matter of time and that there is little that they could do for me.

I was told to enjoy what I like to do most for the short time I have left.

I felt like I got dealt from the bottom of the deck. After all, I am just 54 years old and have not been able to work for the past three years and tried to apply for Social Security Disability and that is a never ending story of how you can not have the money that you have worked your lifetime for to help you when the time came if you were disabled.

You would think it is their money. If you are thinking about applying for Social Security, plan on at least three years for it to be even looked at by the social security adminisration.

With all this bad news, I have slowed down to a crawl and more or less, just waiting for my time. I got to do some early spring fishing or late winter fishing and will cherrish those days very much.

I have made all the plans of what is to happen after I am gone and what buddies get my fishing tackle.

The night finally arrived about 9pm; I was visited by my Mother that has been gone for 15 years. She came into my bedroom and said it was time to go and not to be afraid.

I told her that the only wish I had was to go fishing one more time. I wanted that last cast and I had planned on going at the lake. That I was waiting on my Social Security so I could get a small place at the lake and finish what little time I had.

Mom explained that it was not to be, and that I must come and go with her right then. The trip was not bad, just about what it would have taken me to get to the lake. I got checked in and have a nice place in heaven and was told that the real fishing begins now.

I requested a last wish that I could attend my funeral and it was granted. Oh, what a sight; all my old fishing buddies were there and all talked about the great times we had together and the fish that we caught, and how much that I had taught them that they could relay on to other fishing folks. They knew that is what I wanted.

large mouth bassI had also asked my tournament partner to have me cremated and to take me to the lake. When he caught his next eight pounder and released it back to the lake, he was to put me in the lake with the eight pounder.

That way he knew everytime he would catch that fish I would have something to do with it. I promised him that I would be with him in spirit every tournament he fished and might be able to give him a slight edge.

So, if you are fishing a tournament and you notice this one guy always comes up with a sack of fish and wins all the time, just think of me. I will always be at the lake and with Mother Nature, and will take the love of fishing with me where ever I go.

Keep the Hooks Wet!

Steve McGoldrick


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