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Bass Fishing Update


March 2, 2008 - Setting Up My Honey Holes

Hey fellow fishing folks just returned from Pickwick Lake (Tennessee River) March 2 , 2008

I went down to set out some of my Honey Holes. I put out the 11 Christmas trees left and they all got put out today. A lot of people were watching me, but I think I got them out without giving away my spots.

Have to tell you, I was in Panther Creek at the back and found some 57 degree water off a point that turned out deadly. Caught 15 nice bass between 2 1/2 and 3 pounds and over half were Spots. 

The wind came up pretty strong, but the really great thing about fishing Pickwick Lake is that you can always find a nice cove out of the wind.

All the fish today were taken off a Rat-R-Trap Crome and blue 1/2 ounce. About 2pm, they seemed to want something in the bone color, and would not hit the chrome and blue. 

As I make some of the trips I will put the outcome on my site as fast as possible so you do not miss out. 

Right now Pickwick Lake is down, but look for them to bring it up in the upcoming months. For the anglers that don't know, the lake water level is controlled by Pickwick Dam. 

While traveling the lake to set my honey holes, I noticed a lot of guys going after crappie. They were in the middle of the coves and in Bear Creek fishing about 20 feet down. Didn't get the chance to stop by and ask how they were doing since I was on a mission that I wanted to get done and still have some time to wet a hook or two. I left the lake about 3:30pm so I only got to fish for about 2 1/2 hours but was very pleased at the outcome. 

I tried some of the steep rock banks thinking maybe I'd pick up on some smallmouth but they were not biting today. One thing about this lake is if Pickwick Dam is pulling (Moving Water), the smallmouth will bite but not today. 

There were about 15 boats on the water today. I guess the wind scared some anglers away. 

I am thinking about in three weeks the bass should be thinking real hard about spawning just from what I saw today; that is, provided Mother Nature does not throw a curve ball in the game. I did see some shad activity today off the points and I am not talking about the outside point but try the next one inside the coves. Look for a point that has grass on it and the way I found the grass today is cast and check your hooks when you get the bait back in. 

My fishing partner today said it was his best trip ever to the lake. He learned a lot from a few secrets that were given while watching and doing what I told him. 

Get out there and get them. I have given you what to use and where to go. It's up to you now. Good Luck. 

Remember to add Bass Fishing Update to your favorites to find out more about how productive my honey holes turn out this year. Just one tip may have you landing the Bass Hog. 
March 11, 2008 - Fishing The Small Lake 
Well everyone down south has made it through that curve that I told you Mother Nature would throw at us with 6-8 inches of snow. We have had two pretty days with the sunshine and 64 degrees was enough to get me out of the house and I made a trip to that lake near my house today 3-11-08.
I got to thinking about1pm today that it is too pretty to be sitting at the house so I loaded up a rod and took three lures, a Rat-L-Trap, Buzzbait (White), and a Spinnerbait (white) with willow
blades on it.
If you have read my earlier article, you will know why I chose the willow blades. If not, it will make a bigger flash in the muddy water and help the Bass Hogs see it better.
Anyway, I got to the lake about 1:40pm and checked my fish watch. It was saying that a major feed was coming up at 2:55pm.
I started out throwing the lipless crankbait and did not get any takers. A buddy was throwing a BuzzBait and he had not received a bite yet either. 
If you all remember I said in a earlier article to pay attention to what the bass tell you...well just down from where I was fishing I saw a bass hit the top chasing a shad. 
I then switched to the Spinnerbait and moved down the bank. The guy I was with asked what I was doing and I said I wanted to check out this other bank and see if the fish had moved up in the shallows to warm up.
Well, the second cast I had a Bass Hog blow up just under the surface after my bait and I knew that I was on something. I went ahead and told my buddy to move down with me and see if we could pick up some fish.
He was getting to the frustration stage and told me he did not think there were fish in this lake..that is about the time I loaded up on my rod with a fish that had hit the spinnerbait not once but three times, and this time I got him. 
He weighed about 3 pounds. The guy asked where I caught him and I pointed to a small stump in the shallows, but I had thrown out deep and brought it back in doing a slow roll. I think the fish were following it back and just about the time they thought the bait was going to get away, they would hit it. 
I was on the fish now and my buddy was also picking some up. I told him to work the edge of the grass because that is where the fish are staging and next to any stump. I recommended he try and hit the stump on the way back in and it worked.
We fished for about two hours and ended up with 15 bass. I would say the biggest was 5 pounds and a handful of 3 pounders. 
Needless to say he was watching the streets real close when we left and made the statement that in about another month the real big ones will be coming in to spawn. 
Just before we left I would bet I had one on that would have made this article if I had landed him. He would have gone an easy ten pounds. 
I know you are thinking this is the one that got away, but hejumped out of the water and did a dance for us not five feet from the bank and spitthe Spinnerbait out; at least he showed his face to us.

This is to let you know if you
don't already, the fish are ready. I hope that you're ready to go out there and get them.
Also check in at my  web site to see some pictures that I think might interest you. 
Keep the Hooks Wet 

Steve McGoldrick


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