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Once this is done; now you are ready to roll the tree or trees in the water, again make sure that it is deep enough where you are about to place it so nothing is showing. You will be surprised when you roll it off the boat on its side how well the tree will stand up and sink out of sight.



This year seeing I had some trees to spare I placed six of them where I have caught some great crappie just so I could beef this spot up for crappie.

Straight Line Honey Hole Fishing Tips

In another spot where I have caught some great bass I placed ten trees in a straight line, that way I can work both sides.

I will try throwing like a Spinner Bait to the outside toward the deep water and see if I get any takers. Then position my boat where I can throw from the bank to the backside of the trees. One of the spots will produce fish.

If not, I will swap out to either a Crank Bait or a Rattle Trap.

This is when you got to be careful; those trees love brand new baits and will get them if you get too close, and those lures have six hooks to try and grab the trees.

If you’re dead stuck on getting to the center of the tree, try a Texas Rigged Soft Plastic with the weight pegged against the soft plastic.


If you do not know what I mean about pegged, a lot of guys use tooth picks, but I do not because that is wood and will rub the monofilament line and become weak. I suggest a rubber T Stop or a rubber band.



One thing I have learned and taught to others.


When you fish brush like this, the fish may not come up and try to rip the rod out of your hands.


What you want to do is to be able to feel the tree and as soon as you don't, drop the tip of your rod and let the Bait fall.


I would say 85 percent of the time you will get one.


When you very slowly start to lift the tip of your rod and feel some pressure; get ready for some action. "Set the HOOK" and tear into it.


bass honey holeWhat happens is that you are so close to the brush, the bass will not swim off with the lure but instead just lay there with the bait in his mouth.


I can not tell you the times I almost fell out of the boat laughing when my partner thought he was hung up and proceeded to jerk his rod then put slack in it. He was not aware that he had a fish until the fish started swimming away. You just have to be there to enjoy it in person.

Using Graphs For Honey Hole Tree Placement

Finally I had six trees left and I thought I would try another spot that I had graphed last fall and it looked to be a good spot.

Now this one maybe will not work, then again it might be the best spot. I like the way the water changed depths and it almost looked like it could be used by bass as a highway from the deep water to the shallow for feeding. Will just have to wait and see, who knows this might be a very hot spot.

The best part is I know where my trees are and sure it might take another angler some time to discover all the hard work I did but I might just have first chance at a Bass Hog OF A LIFETIME or who knows maybe even a new State Record.

There is enough of them out for the crappie fishing folks so it will not be a shoot out at O.K. Corral.

Most of all, I have created a summertime playground for myself, daytime or night time, that I will be able to enjoy all summer long and not have to worry about where I will fish this year. Takes a lot of the guess work out and maybe I can change the saying from fishing to catching.

A Few More Tips


PVC Fish Attractor


Honey Hole Tree Fish Habitat 

To make sure my article includes an option for anglers who want an almost instant honey hole without the hassle and don't mind spending the bucks, there are Fish Attractors made out of polyethylene material on the market like the Honey Hole Tree Fish Habitat.


What we are trying to do is create a place that a Hog can hide and wait for the dinner to come to him/her. You will be surprised how this works.


If you like to save money and don't mind a little physical labor, here is one last tip that may help you still find some old Christmas trees in your part of the country but you better hurry.


If you visit the Agricenter Department or sanitation department in your area, you might find some trees that they have not mulched yet.

I hope that this will either help you out this year or you can make plans to do your own HONEY HOLE next year.


Keep The Hooks Wet!



Steve McGoldrick 


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