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  • Rock Structure: Here is when the Crank Bait comes into play. In the Spring, I will be throwing anything close to a real Crawdad color: Orange/Brown/Dark Green. Bass will pass up a Shad, Worm, or a Minnow for a Crawdad because they are so rich in Protein and the Bass know it. I have caught Bass that had three Crawdads in his mouth already before bitting my lure. 

Spinner Baits are also good with the rock structure. Just make sure that you do not let it settle to the bottom and get hung up on some rocks. What I like to do is throw it first at the bank and run it just under the surface back to the boat..this takes practice on how fast to reel it, you do not want the blades to break the surface. To me this is almost like Top Water Baits, sometimes you will see the bass come up and explode on it.

See if that doesn't get your heart beating real fast. Top water and soft plastic can also be used at this time, like I said earlier, this is my search baits and when I have found the fish then I go into to what else they will hit.

One mistake I have seen so many people do is if you catch a few small Bass you move on to see about the big ones. I can not stress enough with you if there are little bass there the big one are also there. The reason you caught the little ones first is they are smaller and move fast then the big ones. Don't Give UP ON That Spot Until YOU DO NOT CATCH ANY FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES.

  • Grass: Here again this usually is in the Spring and late Summer, this is another one of my favorites for the Spinner Bait and Top Water. I first start off the grass with a Top Water Bait like Kelly Fisher Bait Company's Xplodin Toad. Throw to the bank and make the frog come to life. Look for an opening in the grass and watch your bait real close. I have had eight pounders come out of nowhere and explode on the frog and scare me to death. 

Every article I write will include what the Pros say and what I do. Sometimes it is the same and sometimes it is different. Like with the frog the pros say wait until you feel the fish before you set the hook, and I have done this, but I have had better luck to lay into it right then. I feel like if you let the Bass run with it he is likely to spit the Frog out.

I also like using a Rebel POP R . for the Spinner Bait. I again throw up to the bank and let the spinner bait get into the grass and then do what they call rip it. Take your rod and jerk it to the left or right and make the spinner bait pull through the grass. A lot of times the Bass are hiding in the grass and will jump out of the grass and eat the spinner bait. Other times they might be just on the outside of the grass. I like to position my boat so I can throw down the outside of the grass and 85% of the time it will produce some good fishing. I have won tournaments doing what I just passed on to you. 
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