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Boat Motor Ethanol Fuel Additive



The use of E10 is fairly common but a word of caution is needed before using a fuel treatment additive to combat the negative effects of using Ethanol Blended Fuel.

Be very leery of using an alcohol based Fuel Additive.

According to the maker of Star Tron, an alcohol based Fuel Treatment can make E10 turn into E20, E30 or worse as discussed below.

Ethanol 10 (E-10) has 4 main problems:

  1. DEBRIS IN FUEL, it will gum rapidly in the fuel delivery system as it ages. However, ethanol is also a powerful solvent that will strip away and disperse this build up back into the fuel as large, performance-robbing particles. This fuel debris build up, now in semi-liquid form, clogs Filters, Injectors, and the Carburetors. 
  2. Excessive water in the fuel and phase separation,  ethanol holds .5% water, no problem running, but when the motor is shut down and sets up for a while that is when it all starts to happen. The phase separation can cause engine damage and a big chunk out of your back pocket....if not a new motor. 
  3. Ethanol fuels break down quickly, over a short time ethanol begins to break down. As ethanol and other componets evaporate, the fuel loses octane and becomes "STALE". This causes hard starts, pinging and engine knock, which robs your engine of power and can cause damage. 
  4. Ethanol causes lost of power, performance and decreased fuel economy, Ethanol fuel does not produce as much energy as traditional fuel. This results in inefficient combustion, decreased performance, reduced throttle response and poor fuel economy. 

Starbrite STAR TRON Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Well, Starbrite STAR TRON, an Enzyme Fuel Treatment I ran across and presently using in my motors, is designed to help with the many ethanol based fuel problems beating  down boaters, anglers, and even the guy at home running the lawn mower or weed eater.

According to Bill Lindsey, Vice President of Marketing for Star Brite, maker of Star Tron, it can be used with ANY /ALL Fuel – from E5 to E10 to E85 to 100% gasoline

It is easy to use and effective and cannot be overdosed.

The product description at Bass Pro Shops states STAR TRON is ideal for E10 / ethanol-blended gasoline. It stabilizes ethanol-blended gasoline for up to one year along with improving fuel economy, reducing emissions, cleans entire fuel delivery systems and removes carbon deposits then preventing future deposits.

I have even gone that extra step in finding it for you:


Steps To Purchase This Product:

Use the Bass Pro Shops web site link on the bottom right side of my web page to go to the Bass Pro web site. 

In the Search Box at the top of their home page, type in STARBRITE STAR TRON.

The product runs $14 dollars and $25 depending on how much gas you are going to run through your motor.

With WINTER not far off, I suggest, like I'll be doing, that you use STARBRITE STAR TRON before storing the boat, mower, and weed eater.

In fact, make sure that you have STARBRITE STAR TRON in all of your gas running machines especially any emergency back-up electrical generators. 

Don't forget the truck that will pull the boat.

Many thanks to: 
Bill Lindsey 
Star brite 
Vice President of Marketing 
For correcting basshogfishing and bringing me to up to date on the E15 fuel blend issue so that I can pass up this important information on to my readers. 
It’s pretty unlikely that you are seeing E15 at any local gas stations. First of all, it cannot be legally used in anything except cars or trucks that were built in 2011 or later. Next, the gas stations would have to install new fuel tanks and pumps to dispense the E15 since it cannot be used by cars or trucks older than 2011. Many engine manufacturers an industry groups are filing law suits to prevent the use of E15. 
E15 cannot be used in any boats, motorcycles, generators, chain saws, or any other gas-powered engines. 
E10 is fairly common. This fuel is 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline. Ethanol is alcohol, which is why using an alcohol-based fuel treatment can convert E10 into E20, E30 or worse. Most engines manufactured since the 1980’s are not designed to run on fuel that contains more than 10% alcohol.  The new Flex Fuel vehicles are built to operate on E85 (85% alcohol, 15% gas) because they have special fuel lines and fuel injection components that can withstand that much alcohol.  If someone were to use an alcohol-based fuel treatment with E10, it could cause the engine to run too lean which could lead to engine damage. Another problem is that alcohol can damage fuel lines. No fuel treatment can prevent this from happening. The only solution is to install new, alcohol-resistant fuel lines and primer bulbs. 
The most common effects of using E10 in your boat are these: 
· Decreased fuel economy 
· Gummed up carburetors and injectors 
· Engines that are hard to start and run rough 
Star Tron can help with these problems. It uses very unique enzyme technology that allows fuel to burn more completely. This means engines start easily and run smooth, at maximum fuel economy. By allowing the fuel to burn more completely, there will not be any formation of gums or carbon deposits. The enzymes  also will help remove any existing gums, varnish or carbon deposits. Regular use of Star Tron will keep carburetors and injectors clean and operating properly. 
For what it’s worth, I have been running my 2005 Yamaha 225 hp four-stroke on E10 fuel for over three years now. I did have to replace the fuel lines and primer bulb, but other than that, because I use Star Tron with every fill up, I have had no fuel-related engine problems. I also use Star Tron in my car and truck fuel. 
Please feel free to contact us directly with any other questions you may have. 

Again, thanks to Bill and am proud to carry Star Tron and the many products on my websites. If you have not tried this product, you are missing out on your engine running at its best. especially when using E10 fuel. 

Steve McGoldrick


Additional Article:

Ethanol E-15 Definitely Not For Marine Engines As Test Show 

Keep The Hooks Wet!

Steve McGoldrick



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