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Bass Fishing Hog Brag Board


The Bass Hog Bragging Board is where you can do some bragging about your catch by having me post pictures of your Bass Hog.

Use my contact form to receive the email address to use to send your pictures to me.

Sorry about the extra step but like you, I try to eliminate receiving junk mail from the mailbots out there.

When you get the return email from me, include the following:

Your name, location fished, weather conditions and the date your bass hog fish were caught.

I'll be happy to help you have fun bragging about your luck out on the lake.

Keep The Hooks Wet! 
Steve McGoldrick 

Page 5


Greg Stewart Having Fun During Tournament Time On Kentucky Lake 

Greg Stewart Landing A Bass Hog - 7 pound -7 oz


Greg Stewart had a great day landing this awesome bass hog on 05-14-2010.
Greg's Words
"flw all american tournament on Kentucky Lake the fish was 7 pd 7 oz jig n pig by all terrain tackle football head jim moynah jig green pumkin with purple in it 3/4 oz .....3rd cast of the morning on 2nd day of tournament.....was partnered with phil cannady....uve probably heard that name once or twice great pro to be fishin with!!!!!!!!!
greg stewart"



It Is Time To Go Fishing With Sam Tasker Down In Palm Beach.

Sam Tasker Shows Bass Fishing Is Good In West Palm Beach, Fl.


Sam Tasker shows Bass Fishing Is Good In West Palm Beach, FL
While we were sweating it out with over 100 degree temps here in the MidSouth, Sam was enjoying 90 degree temps with a light breeze blowing at 7:30PM
Using a Yellow Spinner Bait with water clarity at 2-3 ft., he landed this beauty in a community lake.



Check out Fausto G. Madrigal's lunkers from Mexico.

It doesn't matter what country; anglers love landing the bass hogs(lunkers).

Fausto G. Madrigal caught these in May, except the one he caught at night. Almost all of them were caught on weightless senkos.

Definitely some beauties, Fausto!



Josh Willcox Landing The Bass Hogs Down In South Georgia - 2011

Josh Wilcox Landing Bas Hog Big Bertha


Josh Willcox, deservedly proud of his bass hogs, sent these pictures of his latest two large mouth bass landed in 2011.

The image above is the 13.5 pound bass hog hauled in February 19th of this year.

Big Bertha was caught on a chartreuse 7.5 in. culprit worm. Unsure of what the water temp was on the day, Josh reported it wasn't cold.

The bass hog shown in the image below was caught on April 15th on this year.

Using a silver torpeda which is one of his top plugs, Josh was able to land this 11.2 pound monster.

After capturing the image of this beauty with the camera, it was returned to the water to fight another day.

I sure hope to be able to take Josh up on his invitation of joining him on a South Georgia Fishing trip!



Josh Wilcox Knows Bass Fishing - 11.2 Pounder Caught



Matt Council's Landing The Bass Hog Action In His Own Words



I'm not sure what the water temp was. I used a 7.5 inch Culprit Worm, color June Bug, with a weedless hook and bullet weight. She hit in the middle at around 6 feet of water. The chad are the re right now, so go figure. I did not have a scale, and I did just about everything wrong with the picture. You will notice that I bent and twisted the fish, angling the girth towards me. I angled my body away from the tail and angled the head towards my shoulder and I held it in front of the largest portion of my torso. I am 6' 240. The length from shoulder to shoulder is 24" and she is easily that long while being compressed by her weight, twisted and bent. This fish was every bit of 10 pounds and I'll never be able to prove it unless I forensically analyze the photo which I've come close to doing already.
Now for the fun part. Right after I started reeling I got a little tug and pull from what had to be a little babby. I know this because it was unable to hold on or pop the weedless. I slowed my reel trying to get it to bite again because I had my three year old with me and he loves to catch Bass. After about 5-6 slow cranks I started to reach the middle and began to raise the rod tip, couple cranks, let it sink a few seconds, raise it again, couple cranks, let it sink to the bottom, wait a second and then raise the rod tip and crank twice. At the top of the second crank from the bottom I got a hit. It was kind of light so I started to hand the pole to my son and he wasn't paying attention. Good thing I didn't take my eye off the line cause I realized that the fish was swimming up and towards me.
I said, "Sorry son" as I quickly stood back up, cranked faster and raised the reel up in the air to keep the line tight and prayed, "God please don't let this one spit it." Fortunately, she only was coming up to dive and when she did the pole doubled over cause the drag on my son's zebco locked up. I had to move in the direction she was going while I smacked the dam reel and attempted to dial down the drag. It finally unlocked and screamed like a stuck pig, but it wasn't until I was balancing myself on my tippy toes, leaning over the water with my arms fully extended in front of my head. I had just enough time to take a couple steps up the bank before she flew at least 2 feet out of the water. It felt like the world had switched to slow motion as I watched this huge female use ever muscle to shake her head back and forth twice before diving back in the water. Then she darted for a section of PVC piping and got half way under it before I tightened the drag, drug her out, and loosened the drag again. She turned back around and tried two more times. After the second time she peeled drag out to deeper water and jumped two more times before she tired out. When she got up to the bank she made one more quick pull and started to head towards me. She was only a few feet from the bank so I quickly backed up until she was about 10 yards up the bank. It's an experience that I will never forget and I'm sure I will spend the rest of my life trying to reproduce it.
Matt Council
Great Job, Matt!
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