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Bass Fishing Hog Brag Board


The Bass Hog Bragging Board is where you can do some bragging about your catch by having me post pictures of your Bass Hog.

Use my contact form to receive the email address to use to send your pictures to me.

Sorry about the extra step but like you, I try to eliminate receiving junk mail from the mailbots out there.

When you get the return email from me, include the following:

Your name, location fished, weather conditions and the date your bass hog fish were caught.

I'll be happy to help you have fun bragging about your luck out on the lake.

Keep The Hooks Wet! 
Steve McGoldrick 

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Steve Mcgoldrick working his magic to land a 11 pound hog

11 Pounder Caught By Steve Mcgoldrick

My nephew, Matt Mcgoldrick, should have been with me on this quick trip where I fished from the bank.
I caught this hog on 3-9-09 at 2pm with an outside temp of 76 degrees and a water temp of 54 degrees.
A Bass Pro Ringworm (Junebug) 7" was used to land this 11 pound bass hog.

Steve Mcgoldrick Caught The Bass Hog Below On August 23, 2009 In A Private Pond

Bass Hog Caught By Steve McGoldrick - August 23, 2009

Steve Mcgoldrick enjoyed landing this pretty bass hog using his favorite bait, a Bass Pro Ringworm (Junebug) 7" while fishing a private pond near Memphis, TN.
The 2 man boat worked great by allowing them to easily cover the entire pond.
Taking advantage of a rare cool August morning temp of 64 degrees, Steve caught this beauty in 84 degree water.
And this time, he and not just his watch actually made it into the picture.


May 2010 is Turning Out To Be A Bass Hog Month

Steve Mcgoldrick And His Friend, Quin Rowell Caught The Bass Hogs Below On May 16, 2010

Bass Hog Loving The Yum Money Minnow

 Yum Money Minnow Enticed This Bass Hog
These fish were caught using the Yum Money Minnow Swimbaits, about 2:30pm right up against the bank in about 2 feet of water. The water temp was 80 degrees with the air temp 76. It was partly sunny and there was a low over us when we were fishing.


 Caught 4.5 pounder caught using a Shaky Head Jig watermelon seed with red flake Caught 5 Pounder using the Kickerfish Bait Company Explodin Toad 
Caught 4.5 Pounder on left on May 22, 2010 in the heat of the day using a Shaky Head Jig watermelon seed with red flake in it.
The air temp was well in the 90's with the water temp at 80 degrees.
I went to the lake not far from the house to see what
I could catch on this Hot Memphis Day. Discovered the fish have moved out from the bank and were in about 6 feet of water.
This shows how important you depth finder can be in locating the fish when nothing is tearing up your baits.
This was not the only fish caught today and we saw a bunch of 2 pounders that were caught using a swim bait 5 inches long.
Most of all be careful in fishing in this kind of heat and make sure that you have plenty of water. I think we went through a 12 pack at least.
Caught 5 Pounder on right 5/23/10 at 9am using the Kickerfish Bait Company Explodin Toad.
The fish was just outside some moss and the air temp was 92 and the water temp was 81.6.
Went back to the small pond near my house before the heat set in on Sunday morning.
Having trouble finding the double digits this year but will settle with this 5 pounder any day.


Night Fishing - July 2010

Bass Fishing Night Time


Another great trip at night for Steve and his friend, Quin Rowell. One fish weighed 4.13 and the other was 5 pounds.

They caught these fish using the Junebug Ring Worm Texas rigged in 88.6 degree water with air temp around 94 degrees. Steve reported they lucked out with no wind blowing so it was easy to keep the boat in about 13 feet of water for the most part of the night.

These two were caught around 10:30pm and the fish turned on about one hour then shut down. They caught more but not knowing if they were going to shut down did not take pictures of the others, all together caught about 30 fish that evening.

Day or Night...Steve Knows Bass Fishing


Night Bass Fishing - Quin Rowell


Night Fishing - August 2010

 Bass Night Fishing

  basshogfishing  Quin Rowell

Night fishing in August 2010 at its best. Even with the heat, Basshogfishing can still catch them from the back seat.

These fish were caught by Basshogfishing and Quin Rowell at Enid Lake.

This just goes to show you can still beat the heat by fishing at night and ...who knows might get this lucky.

All the fish here were caught using the famous Bass Pro Ring Worm (June Bug) with the water temp 88 degrees to 92 degrees in about 13 feet of water.

Texas Rig seemed to do the trick but the bites came late at night.

All the fish were right at 4 pounds each.


Pickwick Lake Fishing - November 2010


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Week of November 11th found Steve enjoying a 3 day trip to Pickwick Lake with Jim and Bobby.

Jim and Bobby landing their first smallmouth bass ever learned a few techniques.

Steve's 6.4 pound smallmouth bass caught on the trip broke his personal record so now he is looking for an even larger smallmouth to land.


Pickwick Lake May 2011 - "YES" And When Can We Go Again

bass fishing Pickwick Lake 2011

The fun to be had was on Pickwick Lake in Panther Creek along any log that was laying in the water.

Some were caught using a (cotton candy) shakey head worm. I caught mine using a (junebug) lizard.

Both fish weighed 4 pounds and we caught more than what we took pictures of on this trip.

My fishing partner this trip was a guy that bugged me to death to take him bass fishing and his name is Jim.

I asked Jim, after three days of fishing, if I lived up to my promise to put him on some Nice fish and he said "YES" and when can we go again.

We found that some of the bass are still close to the bank guarding the fry but most of them are starting to move to their summer cool spot in the deep water.


bass fishing pickwick lake

Home Away From Home - Pickwick Lake October 2011

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We had a great time landing these beauties on buzzbaits or spinner baits in between the rounds of fog keeping us land bound to stay safe. As the fog picture shows, you can't see the water even a few yards away.


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